Villa Tropis

And tropical it is, this villa. Spacious, open and comfortable. "Fresh" is an important factor for you to feel comfortable in the tropics. This requirement is easily fulfilled by the villa of type Tropis. The living room is 8 (!) meters high. The thatched roof provides insulation and the large double doors invite a cool breeze blowing throughout the house. The villa layout plan also ensures that the villa feels spacious.

The villa blends in seamlessly with the tropical garden surrounding the villa.

The Villa

A large roof (almost like a cathedral) covers bedrooms, bathing, and the hall. The stone walls are painted in the color of your choice. The windows and doors are made of tropical hardwood. The frames of the roof are made of treated kelapa wood. The walls are smooth finished concrete.

Septic tanks are hidden invisibly underground.

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms have a plaster ceiling and are all equipped with air conditioners and have large doors, offering views on the surroundings.

Walls are finished in smooth stucco in the color of your choice.
All floors in the villa are tiled with ceramic tiles in the color of your choice.
There are no thresholds. The bathrooms are tiled with ceramic tiles as well. As optional you may have the floors and walls made from natural stone.

Standard plumbing supply is manufactured by Toto. Shower enclosures are made of terrazzo. For the inner wall decoration we will use ceramic tiles. As optional you can choose between natural stone or mosaic tiles as well.
The outer walls of the bathrooms are finished with smooth stucco in the color of your choice.

Villa Tropis Sizes

  • Covered surface, 300 m2
  • Indoor living room, 50 m2
  • Master bedroom 30 m2
  • Bedroom 1, 30 m2
  • Bedroom 2, 18 m2
  • 1st Floor, 32 m2
  • Kitchen, 17 m2
  • Bathrooms 1 and 2, 13 m2 each
  • En Suite Bathroom 6 m2
  • Terrace, 35 m2
  • Pool (not included), 18x6 m2
  • Jacuzzi (not included), 3 m in diameter
  • Gazebo, Bale Benong (not included), 17 m2
  • Carport / staff house (not included), 36 m2


By default, a 10.000 Kw. electrical installation is supplied. Of course an upgrade to more power can be realized. All bedrooms have air conditioners with a split outside unit. An 80 liter hot water boiler is supplied for the kitchen and bathrooms. There are sufficient power outlets and installation points for recessed LED lights as optional. All rooms and the terrace are provided with outlets for fans. Upon request and in consultation with our building team, rooms can be changed in size and shape.

The garden with plants, pathways, terraces and lighting can be designed in cooperation with our garden designer.

Villa Price

Our architect provides drawings in 2D, including drawings for any proposed changes.

Our team can also help with interior design, supply of home equipment and we have a helpdesk for all eventualities.

Price excluding the land, pool, pavilions, optional extras, and landscaping. EUR 149,000.-

Download the villa layout plan

You can download the standard villa Tropis layout plan HERE

Download technical specification villa Tropis

Download the standard technical specification of the Tropis type HERE

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