Villa Tenang

Villa Tenang. (Translated from Malay, Tenang means relaxed, calm.) This villa is ideal for a relaxing stay in Bali. Spacious, open and comfortable. The villa design ensures a temperature to feel comfortable. The living room is 8 (!) meters high. The thick thatched roof provides good insulation. The double doors help to have a cool breeze blowing throughout the villa. The spacious layout also ensures that it never feels cramped. The villa design fits the surroundings and joins almost seamlessly with the tropical garden where the villa will be build.

Villa details

  • Covered surface, 233 m2
  • Living room, 45 m2
  • Master bedroom, 16 m2
  • Bedroom 1, 16 m2
  • 1st Floor, 32 m2
  • Kitchen, 16 m2.
  • Bathrooms 1 and 2, 9 m2 per room
  • Terrace, 32 m2
  • Pool (not included) 12x5 m2
  • Jacuzzi (not included) 3 meter in diameter
  • Gazebo, Bale Benong (not included) 9 m2
  • Carport / staff house (not included) 36 m2

Villa Tenang pictures

Pictures of the Villa

Villa Tenang information

The living room has a spacious feel because of a high sliding door on one side and wide terrace folding or sliding teak doors on the garden side. Walls are finished with stucco, color of your choice. The floor of the living room is tiles with ceramic tiles, also in the color of your choice.. The semi-circular staircase is finished in smooth stucco. The wall of the staircase is also finished in smooth stucco. The first floor is 3.5 meters above the ground floor, and can be used as office, library or spa-room. Also on this first floor we can optionally build a fourth bedroom with a bathroom and a balcony under an extended roof. The terrace is tiled with ceramic stone in the color of your choice. As optional we can use natural stone or composite decking as well.

A lightning safety rod is provided as a standard. The foundation is made of stone and concrete. Supporting walls are fitted with concrete columns and beams. Pipes for waste water drainage and sewer connections are installed, connected to a septic tank. The garden is provided with fertile soil, ready for planting and paving. The land is walled at an appropriate height if needed. If the villa is built on the ocean side we provide a sea wall at the sea side width of the property.

More Villa Tenang Pictures

Pictures of the Bali villa design.

Villa Tenang description

The large roof, just like a cathedral, covers bedrooms, bathrooms, and the hall. The stone walls are smoothly finished and painted in the color of your choice. The windows and doors are made of teak wood. The trusses, which carry the thatched roof, are made of treated kelapa wood.

The bedrooms have a drywall ceiling with lighting installation points, and are all equipped with air conditioners. The spacious rooms have large doors, providing great views. Walls are finished in smooth stucco and painted in the color of your choice. All floors in the house are tiled with ceramic tiles. There are no thresholds. As optional natural stone as flooring is possible.

The bathrooms are also tiled with ceramic tiles. Standard sanitary equipment is manufactured by Toto. Free-hanging toilets are available at extra cost. Shower enclosure is made of terrazzo, (color of your choice) and you have a choice of several types ceramic tiles for the inner walls. Natural stone or mosaic are optional. Exterior wall of the bathroom is finished with smooth stucco in the color of your choice. The kitchen comes with MDF base units with granite tops. Layout of the kitchen cabinets is chosen in cooperation with you. It is fitted with a double stainless steel sink, and a 4 burner gas cooker. The kitchen floor is also tiled with several choices of ceramic tiles. The kitchen has a plaster ceiling with sufficient lighting installation points.

The storage area has room for placement of the included 80 liter hot water boiler, connection for a washing machine and a dryer.

Villa price en information

By default, an upgradable 10.000 Kw. electrical installation is supplied. All bedrooms have air conditioning systems with split outdoor units. We provide a hot water boiler of 80 liters for the kitchen and bathrooms. There are sufficient power outlets and lighting installation points. All rooms and the terrace have outlets for fans. Upon request and in consultation with our building team, rooms can be changed in size and shape. The garden with plants, paving and garden lighting can be designed in cooperation with our garden designer. Our team can also help with interior design, supply of all home equipment and provides a help desk for all eventualities.

Our architect provides drawings in 2-D, including the changes proposed by you.

Price excluding the land, pool, pavilions, optional extras and landscaping EUR 129,000.-

Download this Bali villa plan

You can download the plan of Villa Tenang HERE

Download technical specification villa Tenang

Download the standard technical specification of the Tenang type HERE

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