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Options for your villa in Bali

In this section we have included some of the most popular options for your villa. By default, your villa comes with a basic garden, but without pool, pavilion or guest house. Of course there are all kinds of variations or additions to these options. Too many to show on this page, but these are much easier to discuss once you visit us.

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Infinity pool

A pool is obviously a very popular option. These are examples of sizes with prices:

6x18m pool EUR 29,500. -
5x12m pool EUR 23,500. -
4.5x9m pool EUR 19,500. -

Bale benong (pavilion)

A bale is a traditional pavilion that is used throughout Bali. A place to relax in the shade. There are different versions. A simple bale benong of 3x3 meter costs EUR 4,500. - and a more luxurious version with natural finish 3x4 meter costs EUR 5,500. -

Guest house

If you regularly invite guests to your villa, a guest house can be handy. You give your guests and yourself extra space and privacy. A guest house of 35 m2 (5x7) with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, porch and storage costs EUR 24,500.-. Of course variations are possible in size, shape and finishing.

Jacuzzi (bubble bath)

A wonderful place to relax is this jacuzzi with a diameter of 3 meters. Costs: EUR 12,500.-

Carport with storage

A 6x6m carport with storage room and staff toilet and bath, EUR 12.000. -

Other villa options

There are many other possibilities, such as garages, houses for the staff, etc.

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